The Family Farm


It’s the middle of October and the weather actually fits the season. Usually overcast, sometimes rainy, sometimes windy, it freezes at night but isn’t too cold during the day. The other day we had a very strong wind that stripped the trees of the remaining leaves. It’s totally fall.

Only this fall, instead of being outside with Wayne, weaning lambs, sorting out cull ewes, and castrating pigs…I’m looking out the window, as I’m baking muffins, coming up with a new squash recipes and vacuuming dust bunnies out of usually undisturbed corners. 

And that’s because THIS October, I’m 8 months pregnant. 

I heard stories of women who baled hay or killed chickens the day before giving birth…well, my body doesn’t seem to agree with that, so every day I watch Wayne drive out to the farm without me, doing what he does every fall, getting everything ready for winter. Millie, our dog goes with him. (I sewed her a jacket cuz she’s a short haired Jack Russel in Manitoba, Yikes!) 

And here’s the thought that came to my mind…I guess I’m just experiencing the ‘family’ part of the family farm. It seems like sometimes doing my part on the farm means staying out of the sheep pen. Kinda hard for a girl like me… But then one night I had a dream; I dreamed I had the baby…and as I held her in my arms for the 1st time, and I looked at her and she looked at me, I suddenly realized that I didn’t care if I ever saw a sheep again! 

Now I’m sure that I will want to see sheep again, but that dream sure made me realize that once baby’s here I won’t miss the farm, and in time we can all three be back at it together, and in the end…everything’s gonna be ok!

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We will no longer be direct marketing our meat.  Thank you to all of the folks that have ordered from us over the past 20 years.