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Fresh Pork Sausage (Garlic or Pepper) - Tons of flavour. Excellent with veggies or replace your normal hot dog!


Prime Rib Roast - Speaks for itself.  Unbelievable flavour and tenderness.

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Ground Turkey - Tired of ground beef?  Give this a try.  Makes excellent meat balls (see recipe)

Environmental/Health Benefits

All of our grass-fed meat is low in calories and saturated fat and high in Omega 3 fatty acids in balance with Omega 6 fatty acids.  In fact, a 5 oz. serving of grass-fed meat provides twice the minimum amount of CLA needed for prevention and regeneration.  It also provides 300 times more vitamin E, 75% more Omega 3's, 78% more beta carotene, and 400% more vitamin A.  Omega 3's are instrumental in reducing the risks of a host of diseases and conditions including cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart attacks, and strokes. For more information please visit http://www.eatwild.com/.


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Raising animals on pasture alone has a variety of environmental benefits as well.  Because grass is the primary source of nutrition for ruminant animals, we use no grain, eliminating the need for genetically modified grain as well as the pesticides and fertilizers needed to grow the grain.  We never use chemical herbicides because our cattle, sheep, and pigs are able to graze a wide variety of native and tame weeds and forages.  Grassfarming protects our streams and groundwater from agricultural runoff by absorbing soluble nutrients and protecting the soil from erosion.  Grass-based farming also greatly reduces our use of fossil fuels because our animals harvest the grass themselves without the need for any of our help!

Here at McDonald Farm we are dedicated environmentalists, having taken steps to preserve native prairie grasses and found effective fencing techniques to protect our fragile wetlands and other riparian areas.  Pasture-based farming is a healthy way to raise great tasting meat and a valuable addition to the ecosystem.

New Videos Posted!!

Pigs in grass

Curious how our farm works?  Why we do what we do?  How our animals look?  Well here you go!  Check back often for new uploads.

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