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Maria's Blog


When we move out to the farm…


I was in my little blue car with Emma strapped into her carseat beside me, dust billowing up behind us, on our way home from the farm. We had spent the morning there, helping vaccinate some cows, and now Emma was tired and ready for her nap.

‘When we move out to the farm’ is becoming a more and more frequent phrase that runs through my mind and heads all my sentences. I was thinking it again now, and how easy it would be to just put Emma to bed without all the driving and packing and unpacking and seatbelts, car seats and diaper bags.


By now, most of you probably know that Wayne, Emma, and I live directly in the town of Cartwright.


We always knew that one day we would want to move out to the farm, only we didn’t know exactly when or how. The ‘when’ depended largely on the ‘how’ but the ‘how’ was rather tricky to figure out.


Off and on over the past few years we had been discussing the problem; the options seemed to be many…


There is more than one yard site on the farm; one with the house that Wayne’s parents currently live on, one with a big red hip roof barn, and one with the old stone heritage house.


So which yard site would we move to? Build a brand new house by the red barn? Or move an existing house there? The water there is poorish for household use because it’s too rusty…plus the yard is on a busy road that seems to be a favorite for gravel trucks that kick up huge amounts of dust that seems to drift towards the yard more often than not.


What about the stone house yard? The house itself is uninhabitable as it is…it would need about as much work to renovate as building a brand new house would take (and as much money). The yard is about the barest in the country…except for one large lone tree there is no windbreak in sight. Strange, really, for this part of the world where every yard is usually pretty obscured with trees or bushes of some sort. It would be pretty grim in the winter there, exposed as can be.


And the yard with the house that Wayne’s parents live in…well, Wayne’s parents live in it! We can’t hardly kick them out of their own home! Only there has been some talk about the possibility of them moving to town and leaving the house to us…but somehow that doesn’t seem to be the right thing for US to bring up. (“Soooo, when are you planning to leave so we can move in?” Seems a little too pushy for me!)


Well the delicate discussions went on, until last winter when Wayne’s grandma announced that she would move to an apartment. Then things just began to flow in a common sense kind of way. Grandma would go to the apartment, his parents would move to grandma’s house and we would move out to the old farm house.


Everyone wanted to do a little (or a lot!) of work on their new house; which makes a lot of sense to take the opportunity of a move to do some maintenance and upgrading. Slowly things are working out and getting done. Slowly our dream of moving to the farm is becoming a reality. I hope that before Christmas at the latest we will be living on the farm.


In the meantime my restless brain is imagining and dreaming of all the things I will be able to do or things that will be better, when we live out at the farm.


I hope to be able to take care of my chickens better; both laying hens and meat birds (Wayne hates chickens!) Maybe I can even make a nice chicken house, all cozy and warm for the winter. I hope to plant lots of flowers and maybe even some veggies! I hope to be able to help with the farm work a little here and there. Emma and I will see more of Wayne as he will be around all the time, rather than the feeling of him going to work, not seeing him all day till he gets back in the evening. Emma will be able to go with her Dad on short outings especially as she gets a little older. So many things! I can’t wait!


Having said all that; I think there will be some things that I will miss about living in town too. Like the smooth pavements and sidewalks I push Emma’s stroller over as we walk. Or running into all our friendly neighbors; going for three minute walks to the store or library. Or living kiddie-corner to the day-care and school (which we’ll be more and more in need of as Emma gets older)


Oh well! I’m still looking forward to moving out to the farm! It’s not like we’re going that far, Cartwright!

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