Bacon and Such…


Recently we came up with a new bacon recipe! We are very excited about it because we think it tastes awesome! I know some of you have already tasted it as we got quite a bit of positive feed-back. 

So now, I just want to say a few words about how to cook it. The first time I tried it, I was a bit disappointed because I cooked it like regular bacon and it just burnt. And then I figured out why…there’s molasses in the bacon brine and the sugar in the molasses caramelizes and burns a lot quicker than regular bacon would. So next time I turned the heat down, like medium at most, and flipped it often, keeping a very close eye on it. If the fat builds up in the pan and the bacon is sort of floating in it, that’s great because it keeps the bacon a bit off the direct surface of the pan and that seems to help. That is also why starting slow helps because that gives the fat a chance to render out before the bacon gets too hot. And lastly I pull it out of the pan just a bit before I think it’s actually done. Somehow it seems to cook the last little bit on the plate. 

Anyways, this is how we like it the best. Today we had it in fresh tomato sandwiches! Yummy!

And while I’m talking about food…we’ve been into the fresh garden produce lately and there is one recipe I just adore…

Greens and New Potatoes in Cream Sauce 

Firstly, take some of those tiny new potatoes (depending on how big they are you can cut them in half or quarters) and boil them in salt water till very soft. In the meantime, gently sauté chopped up kale (or swiss chard), onions or green onions, maybe some sugar snap peas or anything else green and fresh from the garden, in lots of butter. Some fresh dill works great in it too! When veggies are sort of wilted and half cooked (I like them to be still somewhat crisp when done) add about a tablespoon of flour, mix it around quick and then immediately add some milk. As the liquid simmers it will thicken into a nice creamy sauce. If you like a thick sauce put less milk and vice versa. In the end add the cooked potatoes and stir them around so some of them mush up a bit, season with salt and pepper, serve! SO GOOD! We generally eat it with pork chops or steaks!

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