And then there were three…


It’s now the middle of January. Winter is being fairly good to us…nothing crazy, like 10 feet of snow as in two years ago or NO snow as in last year! Out at the farm things have long since settled into the monotone winter rhythm, not boring but mostly the same every day. 

At least that’s my understanding of what’s going on out there, as everyday when Wayne comes back to the house after a day of feeding and checking on all the animals his response to my, “Anything special happen out at the farm today?” is a laid back, “Nope.” 

Sometimes I wish that I could head out there myself and just make sure he’s not hiding any adventures from me…but then again…that only happens sometimes, because mostly I’m very content in my current role which is caring for our new little daughter! 

She’s the cutest thing I’VE ever seen, a good little bundle of perfect baby! (but then again, I bet every mother thinks like that!) Emma was born near the middle of December and our life was changed forever. To tell the truth, it was sort of a shock in the start! To me, it was as if I crossed a threshold; like everything I knew, my whole past life, was behind me never to be seen again and I was entering into this totally new world were nothing was the same. From ordinary everyday things, to priorities, to reasons for doing things or what things matter and what things suddenly just don’t. Everything was different. 

But I think I adjusted fairly well! One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I am more present in the ‘now’ than I was. And I think that’s because ‘now’ is when things are happening! If I spend too much time in the past stressing about why things happened the way they did; or if I spend too much time in the future, worrying about things to come…I’ll completely miss Emma grow! She changes so fast I sometimes have this overwhelming urge to just stare at her because if I blink I might miss something! 

And so I enjoy our more or less leisurely days of baby time together as the winter idles by. Every day is a new adventure, every day is a new discovery, never a dull moment!!


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We will no longer be direct marketing our meat.  Thank you to all of the folks that have ordered from us over the past 20 years.