McDonald Farm

Meat in Manitoba


Grass-fed Meat

Though not a certified organic farm, McDonald Farm is your source for drug and hormone free, healthy, and nutritious grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, and poultry.

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About Us

Our Farm

McDonald Farm is owned and operated by Wayne and Maria, along with our kids Emma (8) and Ethan (5). 


Farm Stories

We are a 4th generation family farm started by Wayne’s great-grandfather Alexander in the early 1900’s.

hen and chicks

About Hens and Spring

As you may know, I have 25 brown laying hens. They are my pride and joy. I got them last summer as chicks, raised them outside on grass and pretty soon I started finding an egg or two! 


Summer Summary

And so, suddenly, its August! Wow, time sure flies! Especially when you’re having fun, and there sure wasn’t a lack of exciting things in the past few months! It’s always busy on the farm.

baby pig

The Family Farm

It’s the middle of October and the weather actually fits the season. Usually overcast, sometimes rainy, sometimes windy, it freezes at night but isn’t too cold during the day. 

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